Hopes of an encore for music venue

The Studio
The Studio

TRUSTEES of a music venue that fell into voluntary liquidation are striving to resurrect it after interest was shown in the building.

But they face a race against time as they only have until Thursday, April 28, to secure the future of The Studio, in Hartlepool.

Phil Swinburne

Phil Swinburne

In six days’ time they hand the building’s keys over to administrators and the charity will officially be a thing of the past after 30 years entertaining the town.

But there are hopes the venue could be saved after organisations showed an interest in the converted 100-year-old Baptist Church, in Tower Street.

Phil Swinburne, chairman of the trustees, said: “Trustees are showing people around the building and speaking to all different groups about The Studio.

“We are feeling positive about the future and are doing all we can to make sure the building is not lost to music.

“It’s important that it does not become a nightclub or a shop or anything like that, it needs to keep the live music.

“This is the only place that has been designed for music and is one of the only cultural outlets in the town that is not run by the council.

“It gives the town an edge that it needs, otherwise it will be like living in a village. We need to keep it going.”

The biggest obstacle the trustees currently face is that they only have six days to sort out a rescue package as they will no longer have the keys after then.

They are hoping to get an extension to the deadline, but it costs £1,000 to run The Studio for a month and their bank accounts have been frozen.

Mr Swinburne added: “There isn’t a lot of time and there are meetings going on to get something done quickly. We don’t have the means to keep it running so we will have to look at ways around that.

“We are doing all we can, and hopefully we will have good news soon.”

A decision was made to close The Studio on Tuesday, April 12, when five full-time staff members lost their jobs.

The announcement was met with shock by people across the town, as reported in the Mail last week.