Hospice funding boost

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A HOSPICE has been given a £5,000 funding boost to help provide oxygen to patients.

Hartlepool & District Hospice has received the grant from the Santander Foundation’s Community Plus initiative.

The grant will help the Hospice to provide oxygen as part of a patient’s therapeutic treatment which provides relief from hypoxia, which is present in many palliative care conditions.

Denise Shepherd, sister of the inpatient unit, said: “As the only providers of specialist palliative care for adults in Hartlepool and East Durham, we are motivated to help all patients with life limiting illness achieve a better quality of life and the management of oxygen therapy is fundamental in symptom control for many of our patients.”

Rebecca Jobson, trust and legacy fundraiser at the Hospice said, “This is fantastic news, oxygen is vital for our patients in our Day Hospice and Inpatient Units.

“Money raised from Foundations like this really boost the funds at the Hospice.

“We need to raise over £5,600 each and every day from voluntary contributions, our local community and from foundations and trusts.

“I would like to thank everyone, staff and customers, for supporting their local Hospice.”

Janet Watkins, at Santander’s York Road branch, said: “Community Plus allows our staff and customers to nominate local charities that are most in need of assistance.

“We are delighted to be supporting Hartlepool & District Hospice and hope the donation makes a real difference.”

Hartlepool & District Hospice, based in the town’s Wells Avenue, is a registered charity offering specialist palliative care to hundreds of adults from Hartlepool and East Durham each year.

It costs £2.6m to continue providing the current range of services and the hospice receives 21 per cent NHS funding so the outstanding £2.05m has to be raised through the community and other fundraising initiatives.