How Hartlepool primary schools hope to benefit from formal partnership

Lynnfield Primary School.
Lynnfield Primary School.

Two Hartlepool primary schools aim to benefit each other by forming a new partnership.

Governing bodies of Golden Flatts Primary School and Lynnfield Primary School are consulting on a proposal to form a federation.

It would see both primaries come together under one governing body with an executive headteacher overseeing the two schools.

A consultation document states: “Our proposal to federate has been developed through a desire to work in close partnership in order to raise pupil attainment, offer a wider range of educational opportunities and involve families more closely in their child’s education through the development of extended services.

“We believe our schools can gain many benefits from working collaboratively and that we can achieve more by working together.”

Golden Flatts and Lynnfield have been working together informally since September 2017 including the headteacher at Lynnfield providing advice and support to the interim headteacher at Golden Flatts.

Special Educational Needs and Disability coordinators at each school have also been working in partnership as well as sharing knowledge and other areas of expertise between the two schools.

Last month the governing bodies of both schools met individually and then jointly to agree to establish a formal federation.

The consultation process runs until September 14 and involves meetings with staff, trade unions and parents.

The proposal will be considered by Hartlepool Borough Council’s Children’s Services Committee tomorrow.

A report states: “They believe that working together in partnership will create a strong professional learning community which will enable the sharing of best practice, leading to improved learning experiences, standards and outcomes for pupils in both schools.”