How many Hartlepool fans have been banned from attending World Cup?

Hartlepool United fans are among those who have been banned from travelling to Russia to attend this summer's World Cup.

Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 6:00 am

Eight Pools fans have been made to surrender their passports because they are the subject of Football Banning Orders.

Banning orders are issued by the courts to help tackle trouble at and around matches after a person is convicted of a football-related offence.

The Luzhniki Stadium where the World Cup final will be played in July. Nick Potts/PA Wire.

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One of the consequences of such orders is that offenders are not allowed to travel to World Cup matches.

The World Cup kicks off in Russia on Thursday, June 14.

PC Martyn Ryan, of Cleveland Police, said: “Football hooliganism will not be tolerated and the consequences of such behaviour includes not being able to travel to World Cup matches.

“Those not allowed to travel will have already been asked to surrender their passport.

“This is just one way of showing that getting involved in football disorder does have consequences.

“The vast majority of supporters are well behaved and games should be kept safe and enjoyable for those law-abiding citizens who simply want to support their team.”

Elsewhere in the region, 45 Sunderland fans and 81 Newcastle United fans are banned from attending after being forced to hand over their passports for the duration of the tournament.

It also means those subject to the bans won’t be able to travel for more than a month of the summer holiday season.

Sergeant Chris Blyth, head of Northumbria Police’s Football Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “These individuals would have already received a letter from the UK Football Policing Unit informing them of the passport surrender.

“It is one of the consequences of acting inappropriately at a football match and other supporters should take note about the restrictions it can put on your life.

“Getting drunk and getting involved in disorder won’t just stop you from being able to follow your team but it could stop you from topping up your tan.”

Sergeant Blyth added: “I’m proud to say that in recent years our football fans have worked really closely with police and partners and they deserve a huge amount of credit.

“It is just a small minority of people who ruin the experience for other supporters and this passport surrender shows just how big an impact a banning order can have.

“We will continue to educate younger fans about the consequences of football disorder and take swift action against those who do step out of line.”

Fans who do not surrender their passports face a court summons.