How you can help to shape our future

Malcolm Cairns
Malcolm Cairns

A HOSPICE trustee urged more people to come on board and help to shape its future.

 Malcolm Cairns has been involved with the charity since its beginning in 1980, after being approached by the late founder Alice Bendle MBE.

 Alice recognised his valuable skills as a chief administrator and someone who could help with the logistics of setting up a new 

 The initial meetings were held in an upstairs meeting room of the Quakers Building and Malcolm was involved in the formation of what we all now recognise as Hartlepool & District Hospice.

 He also chaired the capital committee, which worked together to bring to life the new purpose built building when the Hospice moved from Hutton Avenue and took up residence in Alice 
House. Malcolm said: “I volunteer for around one hour each month and am delighted to be associated with the Hospice. I would like to say “please do it” to anyone who might be considering some kind of voluntary work, you will soon realise how important your contribution is and how it can help shape the direction of the Hospice.”

 This group of ladies are also among the many people who help to ensure the hospice services continue.