Huge amount of support for Talia

Talia Foster
Talia Foster

A BRAVE youngster has been given a wonderful birthday present after generous fundraisers have racked up more than £26,000 to help with treatment in recent months.

Talia Foster, who celebrates her third birthday today, suffers a daily ordeal of seizures and needs eight different types of medication to fight a series of conditions including epilepsy.

Her loving parents, Clair, 37, and Brendan, 35, started a fundraising drive six months ago to help with much needed physiotherapy fees.

But both admit to be shocked by the “amazing” response of people in the town who have so far raised more than £26,000.

“We just want people to know how grateful we are,” said Clair, who lives in the Owton Manor area of Hartlepool and is also a mum to Gabrielle, seven, and Callum, 16.

“No way did we expect to raise as much as this for Talia, it’s unbelievable.

“People have just done so much for us and gone out of their way to help.

“I can’t believe we have raised that amount of money in such a short space of time.”

Fundraising evenings, sponsored walks and quirky activities, including ladies getting their hair shaved off, have all helped to raise the staggering amount of money.

Those funds have gone towards physiotherapy treatment in Darlington, at the Step Together Centre as well as equipment to help with Talia’s development.

Both of which seem to be having a positive effect as Clair says medics are extremely pleased with the youngster’s progression.

“Talia is doing well at the minute,” she added.

“We went to see her muscle specialist not so long ago and she couldn’t believe how well she has came on in the last five months.

“We have a new sleep system as well which keeps her in certain positions while she is in bed and prevents her from going frog legged, that seems to have really worked well.”

Talia is set to start back at physiotherpy in Darlington after the summer holidays and is also due to start nursery next month as soon as mum Clair recovers from a broken metatarsal which has her in plaster.

Clair is also looking into a physiotherapy centre in Milton Keynes and treatment at a centre in Oxfordshire was rearranged for next year.