Hugo is out on the leash!

TAKE a look at this loyal pub local.

He might not be able to pull his own pint in his owner’s pub. But that doesn’t stop Hugo from relaxing at the bar and enjoying a sip of his favourite tipple.



The five-year old Labrador is a regular among the locals at the Fisherman’s Arms pub, on the Headland, where he can often be spotted with his head nestled on the bar tucking into his favourite pork scratchings.

He even barks on command when landlord Steve Bell, 49, asks him if he wants a pint.

Despite Hugo’s love of ale, Steve only treats him to a small tray-full once a week.

And the landlord admitted he even has to stop customers from handing the pooch crisps, scratchings and other pub treats.

Hugo having a pint at the Fisherman's Arms

Hugo having a pint at the Fisherman's Arms

“He likes a little bit of Black Sheep,” laughed Steve, who runs the pub with his partner, Mandy Jackson, 48, a mum of Emily Whitehead, 12.

“You know what Labradors are like, he would drink it all day if he could but we only give him a little tipple once a week.

“It’s the same with crisps and things.

“Our customers often ask if they can buy him a bag but I don’t always let them, he would just put too much weight on.”



Any calorie intake is soon burnt off as Steve, a dad-of-three, takes Hugo on at least one long walk every single day and another short one on an evening.

Steve and Mandy got Hugo from the Dogs Trust two and a half years ago and after buying the pub, on Southgate, soon realised he was going to be quite a popular regular.

“One night we shouted to him and asked him to jump up on the stool, he did it and has done it every day since,” added Steve.

“He’s a lovely-natured dog, the customers all love him.

“Even when we have our jamming sessions there will be 12 musicians sat around with their guitars and Hugo will be in the middle of them.

“Everyone is just used to him being around now. He’s one of the regulars.”