I got Take That tickets for just 2p!

Lucky winner Emma Hanson
Lucky winner Emma Hanson

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The ecstatic 23-year-old said she “felt like she had won the lottery” when she found out she had been victorious in the Mail’s reverse auction to see chart toppers Take That and Kings of Leon.

Emma had a double take when the mum-of-two found out her bid of two pence won the Take That auction and her five pence bid had won tickets to see the Kings of Leon.

Ever since the emotional day when Take That split up in 1996, Emma has only dreamed of seeing her “favourite band in the world”.

“All I have ever wanted to do is see Take That live,” said Emma, who admits she is still taken aback by her bargain win.

“When I found out Take That were touring again this year I did absolutely everything to get a ticket, but just couldn’t get hold of one.

“I said to my husband Andrew I won’t want anything else for the rest of my life as long as I can get a Take That ticket.

“When I saw the reverse auction in the Mail for them I didn’t really hold much hope because I knew how popular it would be, but I knew I had nothing to lose.

“I think Kings of Leon are brilliant as well so I decided to go for them both.”

Lucky Emma only has to make the short journey to Sunderland for both of the concerts.

Take That will take to the stage in the Stadium of Light at the end of this month and Kings of Leon the middle of next month.

Emma, who lives in Raby Gardens, Hartlepool, with Andrew, 29, and two children Shannon, four, and one-year-old Ciara, admits she thinks she spent around £100 on texting her bids for the competitions.

But she says that is a small percentage of what she would have to pay for a ticket elsewhere.

She added: “I’m counting down the days already to get to see Robbie.

“I really just can’t wait, the Kings of Leon play the week after my birthday - what a birthday present that will be.

“I’m going to take Andrew along with me to the concerts, he was over the moon when he found out I had won, but I think it was more so I shut up about getting tickets than anything else.

“I haven’t had a smile off my face since I found out I had won, I can’t believe it’s happened to me.”