‘I’ll make sure Becky gets to Disneyland’

Local businessman  Local businessman Jamie Barnecutt with Becky Bell
Local businessman Local businessman Jamie Barnecutt with Becky Bell

A GENEROUS dad says he will do all he can to make sure a six-year old cancer sufferer gets a dream trip to Disneyland.

Pretty Becky Bell was diagnosed with brain cancer and has started two six-week courses of gruelling chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Her loving parents, Mark and Julie, said they will stay strong for their “perfect” daughter and want to arrange a trip to Disneyland Paris inbetween her treatments.

Kindhearted residents throughout the town are organising fun days and sponsored events to help make the dream trip a reality.

And town businessman Jamie Barnecutt, 35, said he was so touched by the heartbreaking story, he has set up his own campaign to get Becky to Disney.

After reading her story in the Hartlepool Mail, Jamie went out and bought her an iPad, which he gave to Becky at the weekend.

He has also donated £500 and set up a website where people can show their support which has already raised more than £1,300.

“Reading about Becky hit me hard,” said Jamie, who lives with girlfriend Louise Jago, 31, and their two children, Izzie, seven, and eight-month old Olly, in Hartlepool’s Naisberry Park area.

“I have a little girl who is the same age as Becky and to think what her family must be going through just knocked me sideways.”

Jamie, who owns North East Home Loans, based in Park Road, in Hartlepool, added: “Becky and her family must be going through such a drastic time and if we can give the family just one less thing to worry about then we should do that.

“I think everyone needs to go that extra mile. I will make sure Becky gets to Disney.”

Becky, who is a pupil at Rift House Primary School, in Hartlepool, and has an older brother, Mark, 11, and older sister, Vicki, 22, enjoyed an early birthday party at the weekend with close friends and family.

Parents Mark and Julie say they are hugely grateful for the support they have received since they were hit with the devastating diagnosis.

Julie, 40, said: “We are so grateful.

“It is unbelievable how much support we have received.

“It was a lovely surprise for Becky to be given an iPad as a birthday present.”

Meanwhile, tattoo artist Kelly-Anne Hill, 25, who is the owner of Intravenous Ink, in Blackhall, is currently running an auction to raise money.

People can bid for a full day of tattooing by visiting www.facebook.com/intravenous.ink.

The highest bid currently stands at £285.

The winning bid will also receive four hours of Japanese relaxation therapy courtesy of Reiki Hartlepool.

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