‘I’ll never play football again’

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A KEEN amateur footballer has told how he will never play again as he relived a horror bike smash which left him with terrible leg injuries.

Scott Bailey, 22, was riding home from work to Easington to collect his football boots when he was involved in the crash.

His Yamaha XT125R collided with a car, sending him flying into the air before landing on the ground.

He amazingly survived, but faces months of surgery to repair his shattered left leg.

Speaking from his hospital bed, he said: “I know I was lucky, but I will never play again.”

Scott had been travelling home to get his football boots when the sickening smash happened, and has been told it’s highly unlikely he’ll ever tie their laces again.

He told the Mail: “I thought I was losing my leg.

“I was in so much pain it was unbearable. I couldn’t stop shouting for help.

The crash happened on Front Street, South Hetton, in June.

Scott was rushed by ambulance to Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary where he underwent emergency surgery to save his leg.

Every bone in his limb was shattered and surgeons have had to use multiple metal pins and plates to repair the damage.

Medics saved the limb, but the factory worker faces months in hospital and further operations before he is able to go home.

Football lover Scott, of Avon Street, Easington Colliery, was on his way to play five-a-side with friends when the crash happened.

He added: “It was horrific to come to terms with the fact I may lose a limb and possibly never walk again.

“I am so lucky they saved my leg, but I know I will never play football again.

Scott knows it will be a long road to recovery.

He was only wearing tracksuit bottoms at the time of the accident. And regrets not wearing the correct protective equipment on his legs.

“Everyone involved in the operation was fantastic and I cannot thank them enough.

“It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life and I cannot be any more grateful to them. But I would never have been in this state if I had worn the right clothing.”