‘I’m potty over holes in road’

Pot holes at Butts Lane, Hart Village
Pot holes at Butts Lane, Hart Village

A fed-up resident has called on council chiefs to do a “proper job” resurfacing a stretch of pothole-filled road outside his house.

Mark Lowery lives in Butts Lane, in Hart Village, which was only resurfaced October last year but is once again riddled with potholes.

The angry 42-year-old, who has lived there since 2008, believes the problem is because of a cracked drainage pipe next to the road which is constantly spilling water on to the road, which causes more potholes and cracks to appear when freezing temperatures hit.

The retired IT consultant has called on Hartlepool Borough Council to “fix the source” of the problem and then resurface the road, instead of patching crumbled areas with dolomite.

He said the problem is the road is always too wet to carry out the proper repairs.

The pipe is a drainage pipe for the adjacent field and the road is often used by farm traffic and HGVs which compounds the problem of the potholes.

Council chiefs say they aware of the problem and intend to carry out further investigations.

Mr Lowery, who said the road has got worse in the last three years, added: “The road was only resurfaced in October last year but it was only pastry thin.

“This road is a farce and it need to be sorted as it is just pot hole after pot hole.

“The road is dangerous for drivers, runners, cyclists and horse riders. We had a snapped coil spring last year.”

Mr Lowery, who is considering writing to Hartlepool MP Iain Wright about the problem, raised his concerns after the Mail re-launched its Plot the Pots campaign, which urges readers to report problem areas.

He added: “The council needs to sort out the source of the problem first.

“It has got to the stage where I don’t know what else to do,” added Mr Lowery who is married to Teena Lowery, 53, a college librarian.

Hartlepool Borough Council will this year spend around £350,000 on pothole repairs as the roads crumble after being hit by snow and freezing temperatures.

A council spokesman said: “We are aware of the situation and we appreciate Mr Lowery’s concerns.

“To try to reduce this problem prior to taking a more detailed look at it, we installed a land drain last summer to remove excess water from the verge adjacent to the council-owned field, following which we carried out some light resurfacing work on Butts Lane itself.

“The land drain is removing water from the verge area, however this measure was only intended to be a short term solution until resources become available to allow further investigation work to be undertaken given the complexity of the problem.

“Unfortunately this winter has seen a very large amount of rainfall, the field and surrounding area are saturated and at the moment the demands on the land drain are beyond its capacity.

“The amount of rainfall combined with the freezing temperatures has in turn led to further damage to the road surface.

“It is certainly our intention to re-visit this problem and carry out further investigations.”

Regular surveys are carried out on road surfaces and potholes are categorised on how urgently they need to be repaired. People can report potholes by calling the council on (01429) 523333.