Icing on the cake for a perfect day

Deborah Langley and Andrew Mullen check over some cake designs
Deborah Langley and Andrew Mullen check over some cake designs

WITH nearly two decades of cake making expertise behind her, Mandy Storer is a veritable expert in the business.

And it means our couple could not be in better hands as they chose another important aspect of their biggest day.

Mandy runs Mollys Cakes, which will be providing a three-tier wedding cake for Deborah Langley and Andrew Mullen.

They’re the couple who lifted the Bride of the Year title in the competition run by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography.

This year has been a busy one for Mandy. She also now runs the bridal gown shop, Peaches, with her business partner Julie Kelsey, in Park Road.

It has been open since January and Mollys Cakes is run from the same premises,

Mandy said: “Business is good. We have had a good response since we have been there. Everyone is coming in and looking.”

She has been designing and making cakes for more than 18 years. Mandy, a former cook in a residential home, was based in York Road premises since 2006, and is the perfect person to help guide our couple through the choices available to them.

She said: “We are in new premises but I have got a lot of previous customers which is nice.

“The word is getting out there that I am in a new shop. People don’t immediately realise that the cake shop is there but it is doing well and it always has.”

The choices of cakes this year are really traditional, said Mandy. “It does not seem to change a lot from year to year.

“People tend to go for three or four tiers.”

While much of her clientele is in the Hartlepool area, she also gets business from areas including Wynyard, and further afield in places such as Lumley Castle and Barnard Castle.

Mandy explained how her love for cake making and designing started.

“I used to do it while I was doing other jobs, and became self employed.

“I had people asking me to do birthday cakes and it built up from there.”

Mandy still has great plans for the cake side of her operation, and added: “I want it to get bigger. I have lots of big ideas which I want to put into practice.”

For our happy couple, the plans for their big day are coming together fast.

They tie the knot on September 7 on board HMS Trincomalee.

Groom-to-be Andrew said: “The wedding cake is always a centrepiece to every wedding and an important part of the reception.

“All your guests watch the happy couple cut the cake and then share it. So the look of the cake is very important, as is the actual taste.”

Deborah, 44, won the Bride of the Year competition after she was entered for it by fiancé Andrew, 39.

A devastating health condition has left Andrew mostly confined to a wheelchair.

But as a thank-you to his “lovely princess” he entered her into the Bride of the Year competition – and won.

Deborah has been there for him ever since he first developed the string of related conditions – degenerative spinal disease, facet joint arthritis, mechanical back pain and nerve damage.