If it’s good enough for Becks .....

David Beckham
David Beckham

DAVID Beckham does it. So does Hugh Grant and Rio Ferdinand.

 Now, a Wynyard firm says men from the Hartlepool area are also taking up the latest fitness regime of Pilates.

 Body 2 Fit, a private health clinic based on Wynyard Park, says it now has more than 30 males on its list of Pilates clients, as well as working with both Hartlepool United and Sunderland football clubs.

 Pilates has long been associated with the world of celebrity, and famous advocates including Jennifer Anniston, Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckham and Liv Tyler.

 Body 2 Fit director Robert White said: “It is great for both men and women in terms of improving body awareness, overall flexibility, co-ordination, balance, mobility and what is commonly referred to as core strength.

 “Pilates is becoming increasingly popular with men in the North East, and especially those working in or playing a lot of sport. Many football clubs now incorporate Pilates as part of their training programme, and we’ve been fortunate to work with Hartlepool United FC and are currently supporting Sunderland AFC.”  Body 2 Fit also works with clients from backgrounds including golf, running, rowing, swimming, tennis and horse riding.

 Experts say Pilates helps to prevent and reduce potential injuries as well as boosting fitness for anyone from beginners to experts.

 Body 2 Fit employs specialist training providers. They say Pilates can be used with physiotherapy which often helps clients to become less dependent upon a therapist for pain relief.