Impact of this week’s gales and weather forecast

Trees brought down in the Burn Valley by the gales.
Trees brought down in the Burn Valley by the gales.

THE gale force winds which battered Hartlepool this week left trees in Burn Valley Gardens looking like this - but fortunately the weekend weather will be a lot calmer.

The town was hit with strong gusts of wind on Wednesday night which continued during the day and into the evening on Thursday.

Fortunately those gale force winds have settled to leave a pleasant weekend with forecasters predicting highs of 14C.

But temperatures will drop as low as 6C and will only reach 10C at best.

Rain is also expected to fall.

The wind is expected to pick up again to around 15mph on Sunday afternoon and will get even stronger going into Monday where it will blow as strong as 19mph.

But while the wind is picking up on Monday, the clouds are expected to clear and people can expect a dry day.

After a chilly start of around 5C, the sun will appear and experts say temperatures will reach around 11C.

The gale force winds which blew the trees over won’t be returning any time soon, but it is still expected to be blustery on Tuesday.

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