In court on knife charge

A MAN who was holding a kitchen knife in a street row claimed he had the weapon with him because he had just been making a sandwich.

Stephen Ross was involved in the argument with another man outside of his home over a £5 debt he is said to have owed, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court was told.

A police community support officer (PCSO) came across the two men shouting and saw that the defendant was holding a kitchen knife in his left hand with the blade pointing upwards.

Prosecuting, Lilian Atkinson said: “He hid the knife behind his back and then attempted to put the blade in his tracksuit bottoms.

“He said there was no knife and appeared to be drunk.

“The PCSO kept a distance from him and told him to drop the knife immediately, but the defendant took a step towards the officer.

“An unknown female then came out of the house and took the knife off the man and he was arrested.”

She added: “In police interview, Ross said the man had turned up at his house while he was making a sandwich and still had the knife in his hand when he went out to see what he wanted.

“It was over £5 that this man claimed the defendant owed him.”

Ross, 41, of Campbell Road, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to possession of the knife on August 12.

Mitigating, Martin Scarborough told justices that his client’s last appearance in court was eight years ago.

He said: “He’s clearly kept himself out of trouble for a considerable amount of time and he should be given credit for that. On this occasion he went outside still holding the knife having been using it for a legitimate reason.”

Chairman of the bench Lynne Hodgson sentenced him to a six-month community order with a six-month curfew from 8pm-8am, and ordered him to pay £85 costs.