IN PICTURES: Classmates ‘tie the knot’ in mini marriage

A MINIATURE marriage – complete with an exchange of plastic sparkly rings – was held by a class of school children.

The youngsters from the reception class at Blackhall Colliery Primary School, in Middle Street, took part in the mock wedding which symbolised friendship.

SEALED WITH A KISS: The blushing bride is kissed by the groom. Pictures: TOM YEOMAN

SEALED WITH A KISS: The blushing bride is kissed by the groom. Pictures: TOM YEOMAN

The ceremony – which was as close to a real marriage celebration as possible – took place at St Andrew’s Church, in The Crescent, Blackhall.

As well as a cute bride and groom, there were also gorgeous little bridesmaids, groomsmen, a father of the bride, and congregation.

The blushing bride was walked down the aisle by the father of the bride, followed by the bridesmaid and was met at the alter by the groom and best man.

The pair exchanged ‘alternative’ wedding vows to promise to always be kind to each other, and then exchanged plastic rings before the real life vicar of the church, Reverend Alison Richardson.

Signing of the pretend registers was the next step, followed by a feast, reception and disco in the church hall afterwards.

Headteacher of the school Joanna Clark said: “In the curriculum the children are learning about significant events in the lives of their families and Christian traditions.

“We did a mock wedding but we did it as a celebration of friendship.

“They were wedding vows, but alternative wedding vows to promise to always be friends and be kind to each other.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever done anything like this, and the parents were all invited to come along as well.

“It was just brilliant and the staff had all worked so hard and paid so much attention to detail.

“The bride and groom even cut the cake and some of the children were photographers.

“Everybody had a role to play.”

She added: “It was so good that it’s something that we are going to do as an annual event. It was lovely to see, and the children’s faces were a picture.

“It was a day I’m sure we’ll all remember for a very long time.”