In search of spirits in 150-year-old Hartlepool church building

Hartlepool Paranormal Group members Jo Banks, Alan Morton and Ange Cooper outside The Studio.
Hartlepool Paranormal Group members Jo Banks, Alan Morton and Ange Cooper outside The Studio.

A team of paranormal investigators are looking forward to searching for spirits and unusual activity in a 150-year-old Hartlepool building for the first time.

Members of Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations will carry out an investigation of The Studio in Tower Street tomorrow night.

The Studio in Tower Street.

The Studio in Tower Street.

Now a popular music venue, The Studio was built in the 1860s as a church and the group are hopeful of finding some paranormal activity when they go in in the small hours.

Jo Banks, of the group, said: “It was built in 1862 as the Baptist Church holding many weddings, christenings and funerals.

“Many Hartlepudlians have very fond memories of this venue. It has never once been investigated by any paranormal team.

“We use traditional and also a scientific approach with a healthy mix of sceptics and believers.

“Our experienced medium can guide to where he feels there is activity and then we use our equipment.

“We went there to do some base readings. He went to certain areas and put his hands on one of the church’s original pews and said ‘yes we do have some stuff going on’, so we are very excited about going back this weekend.”

The paranormal group have a healthy following and interested members of the public often join them on investigations.

Jo added: “We want the guests to have a hands on experience so they are doing the investigating, not just sat there on the periphery watching.

“People that come along to our events think it is fantastic and many frequently return.”

Jo founded Hartlepool Paranormal Investigations to fill a void for people and businesses who experience suspected paranormal behaviour.

She became interested in the paranormal through her interest of local history and buildings.

“We often capture unexplained images with our thermal imaging equipment which can not be rationally explained away and although our medium is not privvy to events or names in relation to the location he has often said things correctly with no prior knowledge,” she said.

As well as public investigations, Jo says they are often called upon to clear houses of unwanted spirits.

Tomorrow’s investigation takes place from 9pm to 2am and there are some places available.

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact Jo on 07956 727118.