Inspiring Ella is smiling now after life-changing surgery

23-month-old Ella pictured with parents Dee and Will.
23-month-old Ella pictured with parents Dee and Will.

A BRAVE little girl has been hailed an “inspiration” after overcoming the odds following life-changing surgery to prevent her being left brain damaged.

Ella Davison was three months old when it was discovered her skull’s seams were fusing abnormally.

Her parents Dee Campbell and Will Davison were warned by medics that without an operation her brain may not develop properly and she could have fits.

But just five months on, Ella is a picture of health.

Will said: “Looking at her now, you would never have guessed what she has been through.”

Dee and Will noticed something wasn’t right as soon as Ella was born.

Full-time mum Dee, 34, from the Dene House area of Peterlee, said: “She didn’t seem to have a soft spot and her left eyebrow wasn’t formed properly.”

A CT scan at Sunderland Royal Hospital diagnosed unicoronal craniosynostosis and she was referred to Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, in Liverpool, which specialises in this area.

Following a consultation with 11 medics, on April 15, brave Ella, now 23 months old, underwent a nine-hour operation.

The procedure involved surgeons cutting Ella’s skull, pulling her scalp forward and cutting the fused skull seam before reconstructing it.

Will, 39, an out-of-work recycling worker, said: “I told the doctor before the op, ‘look after my baby’. It was the waiting game, hoping she’d come through it.”

But after a four-day stay in hospital, Ella was already on the road to recovery, and was up and about.

The results of a check-up in July were promising, and now Ella is developing like any other little girl. She is pretty tough,” said Will. “She is developing well.”

Dee, who is also mum to five-year-old Joseph Davison, urged other parents to look out for tell-tale signs of the condition, including a soft spot and underdeveloped browbone.

She added: “I’m just glad it’s all over. I’m more protective of her now, but she’s a little inspiration.”