Internet search finds dad gardening!

The Google search image showing Dennis Wilson gardening
The Google search image showing Dennis Wilson gardening

PETER Wilson always knew his dad liked to put his back into gardening.

But even he was astounded when he logged onto the Google Street View website to see his dad Dennis bent-over tending to flowers in his garden.

Dennis Wilson pictured in the garden at Kensington Court.

Dennis Wilson pictured in the garden at Kensington Court.

Former Brinkburn Comprehensive School pupil Peter, 52, lives in Landsberg, near Munich, Germany.

He put his parents’ Hartlepool address, off Holdforth Road, into the website 600 miles away.

Peter was gobsmacked to see a picture of his dad, in his blue overalls, bending over while tending to a rose bush in the communal garden of his sheltered housing complex.

Google Street View, which went live in the UK in 2009, lets people explore places around the world through 360-degree street-level imagery.

Google blurs the faces of people who are pictured in street scenes to protect their identity, but Dennis’ bottom escaped pixellation.

Former driving instructor and ex-soldier Dennis, 85, said: “My son went on to Google and typed in my address out of interest.

“He thought the person might be me and asked me if I had blue trousers on.

“I said yes I used to wear them to do the gardening.

“I have got a computer myself and it is very interesting to know that lots of people could see me in the garden.”

Peter has lived in Germany for 12 years.

He married a German woman named Claudia, who he met in France, and works as a graphic designer for shoe manufacturer Hanwag, which makes trekking and moutaineering boots from Yak leather.

Peter has two daughters, Maya, 12, and six-year-old Lilly.

Dennis, whose 81-year-old wife Edith Katharina is originally from Germany and also has a daughter, Susan Ketteringham, 60, who lives in Yarm, said: “The picture must have been taken at least a year ago as I don’t tend to get into the garden now I’m a bit older.”