Investigation launched after van blaze in Hartlepool residential street

The fire in Milton Road.
The fire in Milton Road.

Police have launched and investigation after late night van fire in a quiet Hartlepool residential street.

The fire broke out in a white van parked in Milton Road, in the Grange Road area of the town late last night.

The fire in Milton Road.

The fire in Milton Road.

Neighbours reported hearing glass smashing and footsteps running away from the scene immediately prior to the vehicle being engulfed in flames at about 11.20pm

A spokesman for Stranton Fire Station said they were called to the scene at 11.20pm.

They sent one fire appliance and were on the scene for 45 minutes , using one breathing apparatus to tackle the blaze.

He said the cause of the fire is unknown and that it is being investigated by police.

A woman, aged in her fifties, whose home overlooks the scene was in bed when she heard the sound of glass breaking.

She said: "I was in bed - not asleep - and I heard glass smashing and a couple of people's feet running away from the street.

"I thought someone had smashed into a car or something.

"I got out of bed and the flames were really going.

"People were really brave and moved their cars out of the way to make way for the fire engine.

"I couldn't believe the heat coming off the fire. My bedroom filled with smoke - it smelled like electric wires.

"This morning I could see the side window and windscreen of the van were smashed."