‘It could be great but we need lots of investment’ – Hartlepool public’s view on vision

David and Linda Lewis.
David and Linda Lewis.

IT COULD be great – but we need lots of investment.

That’s the reaction from the people and business bosses of Hartlepool after hearing about the Vision for the very first time.

Yet one overall message emerged from everyone the Hartlepool Mail interviewed – this could be a real boost for the town with the right backing.

Paul Stewart, 47, from the Headland and who works as a fisherman, said: “Whatever they do, they need to do something to lift Hartlepool, especially the town centre and Church Street.

“And they need to bring in more employment for people. That should be a priority.”

Retired couple Linda Lewis, 67, and her husband David, 73, a former fitter, called for investment in Jacksons Landing.

Linda added: “It used to have lovely little shops but all of a sudden it closed. We don’t need boutiques, we need to have individual traders again. We need to encourage the small entrepreneur.”

Tammy Bennett, a business development manager with Hartlepool company Seymour civil engineering, said: “I think the Vision is a fantastic idea. Hopefully, it will mean jobs for local people.

“It is certainly nice to see that something is going to be done with Jacksons Landing. If the Vision is something that brings people into Hartlepool, it has got to be good.”

Three sisters from the West View area of Hartlepool all spoke to the Mail.

Full time mother-of-eight Leanne Hall, 39. said: “It could be good but they need to do something with Jacksons Landing.”

Gemma Rhead, 36, who works as a carer, said: “Seaton seafront needs more work and it could do with something like an adventure park.”

She also called for more facilities for people with special needs.

Kelly Athey, 41, urged the Vision campaigners to bring in facilities such as ice rinks to stop people from leaving town. She added: “There needs to be a lot more for the youth of this town. Too many kids are finding that they have to go to places like the Forum at Billingham.”

The Vision was also welcomed by Allan Henderson, the director of Hartlepool Marina Ltd.

“It is exciting,” he said. “We have a fantastic vision of how we see this going.”

Hartlepool Marina Ltd co-director Adam Henderson said: “We were very excited when this was presented to us.

“Who knows, it might lead to us seeing overseas investment in Hartlepool. Perhaps we will get more visitors from the continent.”