It’s bubble tube joy for Beau!

Six-year-old Beau Snowdon pictured with mum Rachel and the new bubble tube and projector to help him relax.
Six-year-old Beau Snowdon pictured with mum Rachel and the new bubble tube and projector to help him relax.
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COURAGEOUS Beau Snowdon looks on in awe at his wondrous world of colourful images.

The six-year-old, with a condition so rare it only affects one in every 100,000 people, now has a £1,500 bubble tube in his new-look bedroom extension where he can enjoy pictures of his beloved Spongebob Squarepants.

And today, his mum Rachel, 29, described how the hi-tech tube as well as a £300 projector had made a real difference to the little boy.

“He really seems to settle down when it is on,” said Rachel who is a full-time mum.

“He can get himself a bit frustrated but this really calms him down and he gets relief from that. It is fantastic,” added Rachel, of Thornbury Close, who is also mum to three-year-old Chase.

The equipment was bought thanks to backing from a charity called Caudwell Children which provides family support services, equipment, treatment and therapies for disabled children and their families across the UK.

Rachel praised their backing as “amazing. We now have a four foot bubble tube on a raised cushion floor. It has lights and bubbles and it is brilliant for Beau.

“It is really soothing for him.

“It helps him when he gets upset or when he just wants to chill out.

“The projector shines images on the wall and enlarges them.

“You can draw your own images as well. Bob loves Spongebob so we have drawn an underwater scene for him.”

Beau was born in September 2006, weighing 7lb 1ozs at Sunderland Royal Hospital. Everything seemed fine for the first six months.

But at seven months old, he couldn’t lift his head and his worried parents turned to the health experts for help.

Since then, he has been diagnosed with the genetic disorder Kabuki Syndrome which affects one in 100,000 people and can cause physical and mental delays. He has had three hospital operations; three MRI scans which showed Beau was missing fibres in his brain; he suffers feeding difficulties; he has a slight curvature of the spine; he suffers from autism; and he has a sleep disorder.

But proud mum Rachel, who is married to 34-year-old design engineer Tim Snowdon, said: “Beau is coming along really well now.” The Springwell School youngster celebrates his seventh birthday next month and mum is lining up a disco with plenty of his friends there.