It’s GCSE-asy at just 14...

THREE bright sparks have passed a GCSE exam with flying colours – two years early.

Beth Scott, Lewis Robinson and Kathryn Smurthwaite, all aged 14, each sat a GCSE maths examination at the beginning of the summer.

And the clever trio, who are in Year 9 at Dyke House Sports and Technology College, in Mapleton Road, Hartlepool, have received their results, with Beth achieving an A, and Lewis and Kathryn an A* each.

Their head of year, Andrew Murphy, said the school is extremely proud of the dedicated pupils and branded their achievements as “incredible”.

He said: “They sat the exam in the summer and they’ve just got their results now.

“Obviously they are two years early in sitting the exam, but we felt they were ready for it and they’ve proved they were with their outstanding results of two A*s and an A.

“They’ve done absolutely marvellously and it’s an incredible achievement.

“We’re all really proud of them.

“To get a GCSE in maths with such good grades at such an early age is outstanding.”

He added: “This is what we want to do here at Dyke House.

“We don’t want the kids to just wait around until exam time comes, if they’re ready for it we want to push them if they’re capable of it.”

Mr Murphy said the youngsters, who all live in Hartlepool, are now studying a course of maths which is equivalent to A-level standard.

And although there is no exam at the end of this course, it is academically recognised as being equivalent to A-level, usually studied by pupils aged from 16 to 18.

Mr Murphy, who is also a PE teacher, told the Mail: “You wouldn’t believe the things these kids can do.

“I’m an embarrassment when it comes to maths compared to these kids.

“They’re usually better than me. I’m not a maths teacher though, my area is PE, so I will say I can run faster than them.

“Joking aside though, they are an absolute credit to the school and have done themselves really proud.”