It’s not just for little ducks...

Jack White meets Mecca Max
Jack White meets Mecca Max

pic filler packaged with lead

MY perception of bingo was that it was a game for the older generation with cheesy descriptions of each number and not relevant for young people.

But I was shocked at how modern and casino-like it looked. I’ve been to a casino before and loved the professional and adult look to it (not to mention I won a tenner!), and the bingo hall had the same features.

When asked to choose which method I’d like to play, I immediately chose the Mecca Max. It is a great piece of equipment complete with the ability to buy books, play additional games and if I managed to win something, I could keep it on my electronic account to use as credit for my next visit.

I just needed to win some money to bank first.

I was tutored through a few rounds by the staff and then I started my game; would I enjoy bingo?

The awesome technology of the Mecca Max meant that if I was eating my cookie sandwich dessert and missed the chance to check off my numbers (which I did numerous times as it was so delicious), the machine checked them off for me, meaning I’d never miss a chance to win.

I didn’t win any single or double lines, but then it got to the main event, the full house.

I was left with three numbers to go when a member of staff called Jonathan came over to see how I was getting on.

The first and then the second number were called out, the adrenaline set in and my heart started racing and I was definitely sweating. I only needed number 78.

Then the bingo caller announced the heavenly words: “Seven and eight, seventy eight.”


I managed to win another house in the next round too, talk about beginner’s luck.

I’d played my games, enjoyed a great dessert, experienced great service and had £85 in my pocket.

Not only did I win more than I’ve ever won in a casino, but my opinion on bingo had changed.

Bingo is easily great for all ages. Forget the cliches and the ‘two little ducks’ mentality as bingo has changed, and it’s changed for good.