It’s strictly ballroom success for Hartlepool dancing stars


A DANCING duo have stormed their way back to the top – less than a year after taking a break to celebrate becoming parents.

Hartlepool woman Adele Jang Don and her South Korean husband, Jang SeHyoung Do, have just returned from Germany where they represented England in the European Professional Classical Showdance competition.

They came fourth in the Professional Ballroom Showdance Championships and eighth in the Latin American competition. Both were held in the German city of Gera.

All this comes less than a year after the couple took time out when they became parents for the first time.

Adele said: “It has been a good comeback for us after the baby. We are now fourth in Europe.

“There were two couples from the UK and we both made final. We came fourth and they were fifth. It was a great weekend for us.”

The couple are hoping to keep up their return to form in the World Championships and the British National Championships.”

It’s been a whirlwind 12 months for the couple who became parents to their first child, Sung Hee Jang, late last year.

The couple had to miss all of last year’s championships because of Adele’s pregnancy and birth. It meant they could not compete in six of the biggest events in the dancing world.

But they made a welcome return and were soon chosen to represent England, with Adele admitting they were “very excited” and determined to do well.

Dance Fever has previously told how the couple became television stars in South Korea.

They appeared in the country’s version of This Morning and have also appeared in an award-winning Korean documentary about their marriage and dancing partnership.

Afterwards, they were asked to become advocates of the TaeKwonDo Association in CheonJiWon, South Korea.

Adele and Jang first became a couple after travelling to New York in 2006 to seek work as dancing partners.