It’s time to break the vicious cycle

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IT’S time to break the vicious cycle of domestic abuse – and the misery that goes with it.

It’s a strong message and one which Clare Clark is keen to promote.

Clare is the neighbourhood manager responsible for community safety with the local authority. She is also a representative on the Safer Hartlepool Partnership which has domestic violence as a key issue.

She said: “Domestic violence is a key community safety priority. We have got up to 34 incidents of domestic violence in Hartlepool a day. That is why this is a key priority for the partnership.

“Domestic violence is a crime that affects all walks of life and repeat incidents can be significant.”

She said the Partnership had a domestic violence strategy which was approved in May and runs for three years.

“The main aim is to break the cycle of domestic violence and abuse, and bring an end to the untold misery that victims and families face.”

Clare said the strategy was all about prevention and early intervention, and “making sure that the right services are there to provide support to victims and perpetrators.

“We aim to continue to build on partnership working.”

Part of the support will be making sure that where victims do come forward they are fully supported through the court process.

“Domestic violence affects everyone,” said Clare. “It affects the children, the broader family, and neighbours. If neighbours are aware, they can contact Harbour.

“If anyone has any concerns and they come forward, they will be treated in the strictest confidence.”