It’s your vote

Should the Government do more to tackle obesity?

ABUNDANT rich food, too little exercise, and lack of will on the part of policymakers could swell the number of obese Britons to a staggering 26 million by 2030, according to the latest forecast.

If current trends continue, the size of the clinically obese population in the UK will increase by 11 million over the next two decades, experts predict.

The resulting extra cost burden on health services coping with obesity-linked problems such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer would be £2 billion per year. This represents an overall increase in health spending of 2 per cent.

In the worst case scenario, almost half of adult men in the UK could be obese by 2030. Obesity prevalence among UK men is forecast to rise from 26% to between 41 - 48%.

Today we ask, should the Government do more to tackle obesity?