'˜It will always be the Vic': Pools fans react to stadium renaming

'It will always be the Vic.'

Thursday, 4th August 2016, 1:15 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th August 2016, 2:25 pm
Victoria Park has been renamed.
Victoria Park has been renamed.

That has been the popular view of Pools fans since the news Victoria Park would be renamed the Northern Gas and Power Stadium was released on Wednesday.

The renaming is part of a three-year sponsorship deal which is one of the biggest in the club’s history.

Supporters leaving their views on the Mail’s Facebook page have been largely understanding of the decision to rename the ground.

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However, for most of them, the name will never change.

Liam Hanson posted: “Call it whatever you want, always will be The Vic, but if it means a massive increase in expenditure towards players... Be my guest... I’m sure a lot of the fanbase would prefer a promotion battle than a relegation battle... AGAIN.”

Paul Thompson added: “If it helps bring much needed finance to go towards players, then would the town rather have a play-off semi-final at Northern Gas & Power Stadium or fight another relegation at Victoria Park? Although I think it will always be called The Vic to most of us.”

Neil Skerritt agreed when he posted: “Been a pools fan for over 30 years – it’s the Vic and always will be.”

Max Chris Wrigley added: “It doesn’t matter what they call it. Only the TV presenters + radio broadcasters (alongside, of course, those who work at The Vic) will call it The Northern Gas + Power Stadium. The rest of us Poolie supporters will call it The Vic, like we always have done.”

Josie Dawson said: “Once the Vic always the Vic.”

John Hall added: “It’s about survival any help is good, most grounds now have new names, as long as there is a Hartlepool United team is all that matters.”

Sven Graham posted: “Good for club and to me it will be the Vic or Victoria Park.”

Gavin Hunter said: “Does anyone even refer to it as ‘The Vic’? It’s always just been Pools to me.”

There were some supporters who criticised those who spoke out about the deal.

Andy Lindridge posted: “It’s only been Victoria Park since 1996! Get a grip with yourselves. It’s an income stream and clubs need as many of them as they can think of.”

Jack Hamilton added: “Everyone will still call it Victoria Park. Like when Newcastle called St. James’s Park the Sports Direct Arena. People still called it St. James’s Park.”

Some others were less impressed, though.

Paul Glover posted: “Absolute disgrace. Typical Pools to do it when the season tickets were already sold.”

Pools’ first game at their renamed ground is taking place on Saturday when they take on Colchester United in the opening game of the League Two season.