Jackets from Strand and a '˜rig out' from Kennedys - your memories of Sunderland shops

Mini skirts for 19 shillings and 11 pence. A leather coat for £15 in Strand. They're just two of your wonderful memories of former shops in Sunderland.

Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 11:33 am
Updated Wednesday, 20th December 2017, 11:35 am
High Street showing Kennedys, Strand, Meesons and Stylo.

We wanted to know which of the shops you remembered from this photograph showing High Street West.

Shops pictured included Kennedys, Strand, Meesons and Stylo.

How about this retro scene in Fawcett Street?

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And when asked what you remembered of them, dozens of you replied.

Carol Featherstone commented: “Bought a navy reefer jacket in Strand with my first pay, then the next week, my first mini skirt, it was 19 shillings and 11 pence.”

Carol said her weekly pay at the time was only £1.17 shillings and sixpence.

She said they were “still great memories of the 60s”.

Blacketts and other favourites.

Carole Pope added: “Must have bought same mini skirt. I bought skinny rib jumper too lol. Happy days x”

Trisha Bernstein was another to remember fashion outings in a time gone by. She said: “I can remember getting a ‘rig out’ in Kennedys. I think it moved to Blandford Street later in what is now Poundstrecher. I got my first leather coat in Strand. £15 in 1972/3.”

And Margaret Hedley replied: “I did too Tricia! It was the place to be!”

Our story reached 20,000 people and among those to like it on social media were Kathleen Davidson, Diane Richardson, Sheila Jameson, Iain Swann, Jean Blackburn, Audrey Walker, Peter A Lusby, Bob Forster, Mary Landau, Iris Ridley, Margaret Spoors and Shirley Parker.

How about this retro scene in Fawcett Street?

Adeleine Stubbs said: “That was a proper High Street, loved to go to town those days.”

While Patricia McGorrell Cockton commented: “Lovely shops what a shame all gone now and High Street a mess x.”

Rose Wharton agreed: “What a lovely street it was and look at it now no comparison.”

Leanne Mallin agreed: “How nice does that look man! It’s just a joke now.” And Caroline Gudgion said: “A High Street to be proud of. How things change – very sad.”

Blacketts and other favourites.

Lots more of you had memories of your shopping experiences including Janet Waistell, who said: “Remember the Strand, hated going upstairs as it was an open staircase.”

Trisha Bernstein added: “I remember that and I always felt a bit exposed and ran up the stairs. Pretty grand staircase though!”

Does anyone else remember that and do you have photographs?

Email [email protected] with your memories.

We also asked for your recollections of other shops pictured, including Stylo, and Lynne Lyons-Davis said it was “a great shoe shop for small sizes”.

Marjorie Laybourn-Helgert said: “Like to see all the old pictures thanks.”

Pauline Scholes commented: “The Strand the Primark in its heyday . Loved that shop.”

Jeff Forbister said he had some suits out of Strand and Sheila Treglown said: “I was fascinated with the cash container that was on wire above.”

Carole Pope said: “Oh when Sunderland High Street was decent Looked 100% better then x.”

Elaine Pear worked at Kennedys from 1959 to 1962 and said it was a “lovely shop and staff and owners too. Happy days.”

June Tye reminisced: “Got my sheepskin jacket from the Strand 21 pounds!!.”

Jenifer Thompson said her cousin worked in Kennedys while Kathleen Huggins Clark said: “Remember Strand.”

Others to like the post on social media included Margaret Nolan, Teca Mclaughlin, Sadie Nybo, Jean Corner, Adeleine Stubbs, Ana Dunbar, Ken Smith, Jo Ritchie, Alan Nichols, Julie Winn and Sheila James.

David Skews commented: “Clean streets wow better shops.”

Colin Branthwaite said he remembered all of the shops pictured and added: “And Lennards.”

And Karen Robinson said she had her first Saturday job in Stylo. She said: “Loved it.”

Jean Rogers was another to get a coat from the Strand and added: “Still got it, just can’t throw it away, memories.”

More than 120 of you liked the story and we would like more of your memories of Sunderland’s old shops.

Which was your favourite and what did you buy there?

Email [email protected] and tell us more of your Sunderland memories.