Jacob’s parents ignore heartless trolls who slated them as their son fought for his life

Jacob Jenkins’ parents say they are determined not to let their baby boy’s death be in vain – and are urging others to be more careful when feeding their youngsters.

Abigail Wilson and David Jenkins say they will forever live with the guilt of not being able to do more to save the life of their beloved son.

Jacob Jenkins

Jacob Jenkins

Abigail said: “As a parent you don’t get much time to do things, and when I think about the times I gave Jacob something to eat then left him while I did the housework, this could have happened at any time.

“I don’t want parents to be paranoid but just to be more cautious.

“Jacob ironically loved grapes – they were his favourite food. He would chose grapes over everything.”
The couple say they have tried to ignore those who posted hateful comments on social media slating the pair for not cutting up the grapes at a time while their son lay fighting for his life in his hospital bed.

Abigail added: “I am such a caring person and some of the things posted were just heartless.

“We tried not to read the comments and concentrated on all the positive ones praying for Jacob.

“No one can make us feel more guilty than we already feel. But until something like this happens, you just don’t think of the risks.”

Since the tragedy the couple say people have taken to social media to say they have signed up to first aid courses – something they believe everyone should know.

Abigail added: “I just think it is so important for people to have first aid. I think the cost far outweighs that if your first aid trained you could save someone’s life.”