Jaded but alive after 60ft fall


A DARING dog miraculously survived a 60ft plunge into a debris filled pit at a derelict site.

Jade was left stranded at the bottom of a huge cylinder on the derelict former Steetley site in Hartlepool after wandering away from her owner.

When Jean Westwood found her pet pooch crying in agony as she lay helpless with a badly broken leg, she rang the police and fire brigade for help.

But before they arrived, a man on a bike stopped to assist and clambered down into the dangerous hole to pick up the Jack Russell and carry her to safety.

Two-year-old Jade is now making a good recovery after having two metal bars and pins put in her leg.

Jean, 60, said: “We’d just been walking along Old Cemetery Road and I didn’t know where she was, but then I heard her cry. It was an awful noise.

“It’s a really dangerous place and I didn’t know there were these big holes. When I looked down and saw how deep it was I was amazed she was alive.

“She’s like a baby and has been very spoilt since it happened.”

Jade’s ordeal started at 3pm on Tuesday, February 21, when Jean changed her usual walking route from her home in Deerpool Close, on the Central Estate, and headed up to Old Cemetery Road.

She was not far from the chimney when she lost site of Jade and heard the shrill calls.

Two teenage girls then helped Jean find her much-loved pet before the stranger on his bike appeared.

The man, who Jean thinks was in his 30s, climbed down debris that had built up in the concrete cylinder and carried Jade back up.

Although Jean is grateful for what the man did, she told how the police and fire brigade said he had taken too big a risk and should have waited for them to turn up.

Jean, a former senior health care assistant, said: “They reckon that people had fallen down these before and really hurt themselves.

“So I know he shouldn’t have gone down, but it was a spare of the moment thing and I’m really thankful.”

Jean’s daughter, staff nurse Tracy Stabler, 41, picked her mum and Jade up and took them straight to the PDSA vets in Middlesbrough.

Jade went under the knife last Friday and is expected to make a good recovery, but could be left with a limp.

Due to Jean not working, the charity picked up the bill that is expected to top £500.

Jean, who is also mum to Emma Horridge, 26, and grandmother to six, is now warning dog walkers and people with children to stay well clear of the site.

She said: “I wasn’t on the site but Jade ran over and I couldn’t stop her. I wouldn’t leave her off the lead near there now.

“What worried me even more is what would happen if a kid had ran off like that. People shouldn’t go near the place.”