Jail for Hartlepool drug addict who robbed pizza delivery drivers at knifepoint

Gary Gollaglee held a knife to the neck and chest of his victims.
Gary Gollaglee held a knife to the neck and chest of his victims.

A drug addict who robbed two pizza delivery drivers at knifepoint in Hartlepool has been jailed for six years.

Gary Gollaglee held a knife to the neck and chest of his victims and threatened to stab them if they didn’t hand over the takings, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Gollaglee, 31, of Stockton Road, Hartlepool, initially denied the offences claiming he couldn’t remember where he was, but pleaded guilty on the morning his trial was due to start after new evidence was produced - linking his mobile phone to the robberies.

Prosecutor Harry Hadfield said calls to the takeaways to order the pizzas had been made from a mobile with its number withheld.

Mr Hadfield added: “Following technical examination, the number has been obtained and it has been linked to the defendant.

“The first call for a pizza was made to Capri takeaway in Catcote Road in Hartlepool on the evening of October 3. When the driver arrived at the requested address, he was told no food had been ordered.

“As the driver was waiting in his car preparing to leave, he was approached by a hooded male. He saw he had a knife.

“He demanded the night’s takings which amounted to £207.30.”

The court heard the second robbery took place two days later.

“It was at about 8.45pm when Tasty Bites in York Road received an order for a pizza to be delivered to a block of flats in Hartlepool,” said Mr Hadfield.

“Once again, the driver arrived to find no food had been ordered.

“He was approached by the same hooded male who demanded that night’s takings.

“Threats were made, and after the male took the takings of £46, he told the driver he was lucky he hadn’t been stabbed.

“Both drivers said they found the experience frightening and distressing.

“One said he feels unable to work as a delivery driver again.”

Gollaglee admitted robbery and possession of a bladed article on October 3 and October 5, last year.

The court heard he has previous convictions for robbery, and convictions for offences involving weapons, violence and dishonesty.

Nigel Soppitt, defending, said in mitigation: “Mr Gollaglee’s problem is he offends to get money for drugs.

“Since being on remand in prison, he has reduced his methadone script, and he’s quite proud of that.

“He is taking a bricklaying course, which he tells me is the first time he has taken advantage of the courses available to prisoners.

“Mr Gollaglee has the support of his long-suffering mother and sister.

“If he can stay off the drugs when he is released, he should be able to stay out of trouble.”

The Recorder, Mr Simon Kealey, jailed Gollaglee for six years.

Recorder Kealey told him: “These were planned offences in which you deliberately lured the drivers out.

“It comes as no surprise to hear the impact your offending has had on them.

“Your position is made worse by your record, which is a bad one.

“It shows you to be a violent man who habitually carries a weapon, and who has a propensity to commit these types of offences.”