Jailed: Man found guilty of racial slur against girl cop

David Peacock became agitated at the University Hospital of North Tees.
David Peacock became agitated at the University Hospital of North Tees.

A drunken man who spat at a police officer and hurled racist abuse at one of his colleagues has been jailed for a year.

David Peacock swore at the woman officer and made reference to the Taliban, ISIS, and suicide bombers, a jury at Teesside Crown Court heard.

“Peacock had been at Hartlepool police station helping with inquiries into an unrelated matter,” said Paul Rooney, prosecuting.

“He complained of feeling unwell, so the police called an ambulance to take him to North Tees Hospital.

“He became agitated in the accident and emergency waiting area.

“The incident happened as police tried to restrain him.”

Peacock, 57, of Eden Hill Road, Peterlee, denied using racially abusive and threatening behaviour, and he denied common assault, both on March 21.

Representing himself, Peacock said he was not guilty because the woman officer was not Asian, so she could not be offended.

In fractious exchanges with Judge Howard Crowson, Peacock accused the judge of being intoxicated at an earlier hearing, and preventing him from calling witnesses.

The jury convicted Peacock of both charges.

Judge Crowson jailed him for a year.

The judge told Peacock: “You were quite properly convicted of the offences because you had no defence to them.

“Your claim that you are not a racist is rather undone by the evidence.

“It is time you woke up and realised such attitudes are not acceptable in a multi-cultural society.”

The judge asked Peacock how he could pay costs.

Peacock replied: “I’ve got plenty of money, how much is none of your business.

“How much money have you got, judge?”

Peacock was ordered to pay £4,700 in costs and criminal court charge.

As he was led to the cells to begin his sentence, Peacock said: “I’m paying nowt.”