Job search tougher than ever for Michael

Michael Driver
Michael Driver

THE jobless totals make for an even more depressing picture for unemployed Michael Driver.

The 20-year-old is featuring in the Hartlepool Mail’s Work in Progress campaign and has spoken of his desperate quest to find work.

Michael, who lives with his parents Ste and Teresa and 17-year-old sister Kayleigh in Lanark Road, Owton Manor, said: “That means there are 366 more people to compete with for jobs.

“It was hard enough to start with and now it obviously makes it a lot harder.

“With 366 people, that could be the equivalent of two or three companies closing.

“The likelihood is with them coming out of work they are going to have a lot more experience than I do.

“It’s 366 people, it’s mad. It’s even more depressing than before.”

The former Manor College of Technology student has previously described how despite applying for between 150 and 200 jobs since leaving college 18 months ago, he was still unable to find work.

And now with the news that an extra 182 Hartlepool people are out of work in the town, he says he is even more depressed at the thought of battling more people for what little jobs there are.

Since December, there has been 366 extra people registered as claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance in Hartlepool.

Michael, who left Hartlepool College of Further Education with an NVQ Level 1 in plumbing, has regularly featured in our Work in Progress coverage over the past two weeks.

He has described how being unemployed at his age feels “like being 12” and how he feels restriced by not having a job.

Michael, who is a voluntary coach at Seaton Rugby Club and Cricket Club, said he wants to be doing the things a typical 20-year-old does, like moving into his own house, having nights out and going on holiday.

The Mail reported yesterday how the campaign made national TV when Michael’s unemployment plight was broadcast on BBC Breakfast.