Jobless gambler kicked machine

Gareth Pattison
Gareth Pattison

A JOBLESS man spent £50 on a gambling machine with a maximum £5 pay-out and then smashed it up when it would not cough up any cash.

Gareth Martin Pattison was playing on the slot machine in the Golden Sands Amusements, on The Front, in Seaton Carew.

After putting £50 in the machine in a bid to win the £5 jackpot, the 21 year old “lost his temper when it refused to pay out” and kicked it.

The force of the hit caused the glass front of the machine to smash causing £800 of damage, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecuting, Alan Davison told justices: “It was 9.55pm when Mr Pattison was in Golden Sands Amusement Arcade playing on a slot machine. He lost his temper and kicked the glass part of the front of the machine causing around £800 of damage.

“In interview he admitted he had been playing on the machine and put nearly £50 in it. He lost his temper when it refused to pay out.”

Unemployed Pattison, who lives with his mum in Kildale Grove, in Seaton Carew, in Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to the games machine on March 1.

Mitigating, Stuart Haywood, said: “This was no more than minor damage. There’s very little more I can add, other than to ask you to give him some credit for his early guilty plea.”

Probation officer Melanie Hodgson was asked to compile a report on the defendant after which she told the court that Pattison does drink alcohol but on this occasion was sober.

She said: “He’s quite immature. He could certainly do with some supervision. He gets a limited income and there he was gambling on a machine that only pays out a maximum of £5 and he’s put £50 of his limited income into the machine.”

Chairman of the bench Lynne Hodgson sentenced Pattison to a six-month community order with supervision and 60 hours unpaid work, and was ordered to pay £100 compensation.