Jobless rise to top agenda

UNION officials say unemployment in Hartlepool has risen by 19 per cent under the coalition government.

The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance has risen from 4,028 in June 2010 to 4,793 in February this year.

The matter will be one the agenda at the Northern TUC’s conference this weekend as part of discussions on its 10 Point Plan for A Northern Future that Works manifesto.

As well as highlighting challenges that face the region, bosses say the Northern TUC document also offers practical solutions and proactive ways that trade unions can help to address these issues in a meaningful way.

This will be picked up at conference via various motions and integrated into the work programme for the next two years, including campaigning for:

l Increased investment is crucial for both short-term economic recovery and long-term prosperity. Investment in new energy infrastructure, public transport (including local projects such as light rail schemes);

l The Government should be doing more to support green infrastructure (eg, electric cars);

l The Government, Local Enterprise partnerships and all bodies charged with preparing economic and industrial strategies should ensure that quality employment lies at the heart of all plans for growth;

l Working with a greater number of employers to ensure that training and skills development lies at the heart of economic recovery and growth in the northern region.

Kevin Rowan, Northern TUC regional secretary, said: “These figures show the ongoing failure of this Government’s economic policy and the challenge for this region and all of us who want to see the North-East and Cumbria grow and prosper.”

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“Growing high quality jobs and sustainable work is top of our agenda, let’s just hope the Coalition follows suit.”