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A Chinese dance class underway at the Grange Road Resource Centre.
A Chinese dance class underway at the Grange Road Resource Centre.

A CHINESE group is hoping to further its bond with the community of Hartlepool by opening a number of Oriental classes for people of all backgrounds to attend.

The Chinese Association in Hartlepool was set up over three years ago for people of Oriental origin living in town.

And recently chairman Sandra Chow sought help in trying to spread word of the group and involve the residents of the town with a range of Chinese-style classes.

The group has set up a number of classes for people of all backgrounds, with the help of Peter Gowland, from Hartlepool Voluntary Development Association (HVDA).

Peter said: “The Chinese Association came to us on how to help them integrate activities within the community of Hartlepool. They came up with a great list of activities to promote including accupressure, Mandarin lessons, tai chi, and Chinese dancing and singing classes as well.”

He added: “We helped them to apply for funding and they’ve been reasonably successful. It’s a great programme of activities that are great fun for people of all ages to attend. The Chinese people are now part of Hartlepool’s cultural fabric. Most of them work in takeaways or restaurants. It was Sandra who said she wanted the association to be a bit more recognised and to get their culture out into the wider community.”

Accupressure classes take place at Grange Road Resource Centre, in Tankerville Street, off Grange Road, on Tuesdays from 1pm-4pm, costing £2.

Tai chi is held in the hall next to Lynnfield School, in Grosvenor Street, on Tuesdays from 6.45pm to 7.45pm, costing £2.50,

Mandarin classes are held in the resource centre, from 1pm-2pm on Saturdays, costing £1,

Chinese singing and dancing classes are held on Saturdays in the resource centre from 1pm-2pm for adults and 2pm-3pm for children, costing £1.

For details ring Sandra Chow on 07927 060168.