Jujitsu success for Hartlepool martial arts club

TOP GRADE: Hartlepool Jujitsu Club new black belts Kevin Moat (left) and  Joseph Hall.
TOP GRADE: Hartlepool Jujitsu Club new black belts Kevin Moat (left) and Joseph Hall.

YEARS of training and dedication paid off for members of a Hartlepool martial arts club.

Kevin Moat, from Seaton Carew, and teenager Joseph Hall became the latest members of Hartlepool Jujitsu Club to earn the coveted belts.

Kevin followed in the footsteps of his 10-year-old son Jack who became one of the youngest people in the country to get a black belt a year earlier.

Kevin’s other son Oliver, aged seven, is currently training for his black belt.

Kevin and Joseph, 14, travelled to jujitsu’s national grading headquarters at the Bushido Academy in Derbyshire to achieve their belts.

They returned home with their black belts as testament to their self defence skills.

Kevin, who also runs three junior and a disabled football teams with Seaton Carew Football Club, is helping other people develop their jujitsu skills as a coach.

He said: “I was pleased to get my black belt. It was quite difficult and physically challenging.

“Jujitsu is god exercise, good for discipline and if fun as well.

“I probably enjoy the coaching side more. It is really good to see the kids coming in when they can’t do much and helping them to progress.

“It is great to give something back to the kids.”

Hartlepool Jujitsu Club coach Dominic O’donovan, a 4th Dan black belt was delighted with his students success, in particular Joseph.

He said: “We were very pleased when Jack Moat got his black belt, and are over the moon when anyone gets one.

“Jospeh was starting to lose his focus a bit which is easy to do. But he came back and got back into it again.

“It takes about three years to get to black belt and requires quite frequent training.”

Hartlepool Jujitsu club meets at Eskdale Academy, in Eskdale Road, Hartlepool, on Fridays and Sundays.

A children’s class takes place at 7pm and an adults at 8pm on Friday and at 6pm and 7pm on Sunday.

The first lesson is free.