Jury told of host of cash transfers

Lesley and Andrew Reeve arrive at Teesside Crown Court for the start of their trial.
Lesley and Andrew Reeve arrive at Teesside Crown Court for the start of their trial.

A FLURRY of money transfers and cash withdrawals between a pensioner’s bank and post office accounts were laid out before a jury yesterday.

Thousands of pounds were transferred from 91-year-old Joan Killen’s savings accounts to her currant account after her godson Andrew Reeve became a signatory of the account, Teesside Crown Court heard.

Reeve, 55, and his wife, Lesley, 56, are standing trial accused of stealing more than £100,000 from Miss Killen to spend on themselves and adapt their home between 2009 and 2011.

Prosecutor Matthew Bean yesterday told the court that her money fell from £132,792 at the start of 2009 to just £3,547 by October 2011.

Detective Constable Rachel Graham of Cleveland Police’s Economic Crime Unit told the trial how the couple splashed out hundreds of pounds on a new TV and household items from Argos after transferring money from Miss Killen’s account.

And in January 2010 Andrew Reeve bought a new Vauxhall Corsa for £3,200 after transferring money from one of Miss Killen’s account into his own bank account.

Mr Bean said: “By the spring of 2010 there were a number of transfers out of Miss Killen’s current account and the balance reduced.

“In April 2009 the balance was just short of £74,000. By March 2010 it was £4,075.”

The same year, two of Miss Killen’s ISAs were closed along with two national savings accounts were transferred into her current account which the prosecution allege Andrew Reeve was then in control of.

In November 2010, Lesley Reeve applied to have Miss Killen’s pension and other state allowances paid into her and her husband’s joint bank account from Miss Killen’s post office account.

The jury also heard that rent payments on Miss Killen’s home were paid directly into the couple’s joint bank account up until August 2011, although it was then transferred into Miss Killen’s account.

The couple, of Chichester Close, Hartlepool, claim they had Miss Killen’s blessing and deny theft.