Katrice dad’s appeal on TV

THE father of missing Katrice Lee has played his part in a German television appeal that will be beamed to millions across the globe.

Richie Lee flew to Southampton yesterday to meet with producers of the XYZ programme, Germany’s answer to Crimewatch.

The 63-year-old hopes the programme, which will appear on German television as well as Sky channels which can be seen by people from around the world, will throw up some clues as to what happened to his daughter.

Once Richie, of Stockton Road, in Hartlepool, had filmed his narrative part, then Katrice’s mum Sharon and sister Natasha will also film a part in the show.

Richie told the Mail that the programme-makers will be doing a reconstruction of the Katrice story somewhere in Germany.

But he said producers would have to find another location as the Naafi store in Paderborn, from where she vanished on her second birthday on November 28, 1981, was now a library for a college.

The former postman said: “It’s very positive because this will push Katrice’s story out over Europe.

“It will be put on Sky channels as well so it will go around the world, and it will make people aware that Katrice is still missing and as always, I’ll always hope it will help.”

Richie, who is now separated from Sharon, said: “I will never give up hope of looking for Katrice and doing things like this programme just helps to keep her name out there and helps to keep the search for her continuing.

“I will never give up ever, and I think anyone in my position would be doing the same.”

Katrice disappeared from the store near to where her father was serving as a sergeant major in the Army.

Her mother left her at the checkout with her aunty for just a moment as she went to get crisps, but when she returned Katrice had gone and has never been seen since.

The family believe Katrice was abducted and is still alive.

In November last year, the Mail reported how the hunt for Katrice was shown on the BBC’s Crimewatch show, which featured interviews with Sharon and Natasha.

The show also broadcasted forensic images of Katrice aged six up to 33 in a bid to stir people’s memories as to whether they may have come into contact with her.