Key to internet learning

One resident learning the ropes from a Resinet member of staff.
One resident learning the ropes from a Resinet member of staff.

INTERNET workshops are being offered to the residents of two housing groups.

Vela Group’s Housing Hartlepool and Tristar Homes, and Fabrick Housing Group’s Erimus Housing and Tees Valley Housing have installed 10 new internet kiosks in a range of locations across the Teesside area.

The equipment gives all residents the opportunity to access the internet and benefit from getting online.

Now members of staff will be on hand to give people a helping hand at some of the bases.

Staff members will be available to help the would-be web surfers at Melsonby Court, in Billingham, on Tuesday, January 28; at Dawson House, Billingham, on Wednesday, January 29, and Kennedy Gardens, Billingham, on Thursday, January 30, all from 10am until midday. There are also other sessions in the Middlesbrough and Thornaby areas. The workshops will help residents find out the benefits of using the internet such as increasing social networking, saving money through comparison websites, shopping online, claiming and checking benefit entitlements and using online services such as reporting a repair, paying rent and bidding for homes.

One resident, Helen Millar, 55, from Billingham, said: “It’s great to have access to the internet.

“It’s really easy to use and you get to find out lots of things at the touch of the screen. Once people use it once, they will want to use it over and over again.

“We have lots of young people who will love it and we have a lot of older people who will be able to get online for the very first time.”

The scheme, called ResiNet, aims to help thousands of residents across the Tees Valley top up their technology skills.