Kicking up a stink

Ian Evans
Ian Evans

ANGRY residents have hit over claims of a “disgusting” smell and overflowing sewers at one of the town’s most popular tourist spots.

Residents on the pontoon at Hartlepool Marina and in the nearby apartments at Navigation Point say a sewage smell and blocked drains are health and safety hazards that need looking at.

They say a smell has been lingering in the area for too long and with summer just around the corner they fear it may be about to get even worse.

Ian Evans, 57, lives on one of the boats on the marina and said the strength of the smell comes and goes, but paired with overflowing drains, something has to be done.

Ian, who is currently out of work, said: “The smell is absolutely disgusting.

“Everyone who lives down here says how bad it is, but nothing ever seems to be done about it.

“It’s awful and I constantly hear gurglings from the drains.

“It’s a health and safety hazard.

“The marina is meant to be the jewel in the crown in Hartlepool, but people certainly won’t be visiting in the summer while it’s like this.”

Gary Smurthwaite, 45, a vehicle technician who lives in an apartment at Navigation Point also got in touch with the Mail about the issue.

Gary said a week last Sunday he was walking over the lock gates and saw raw sewage and toilet paper coming up through a manhole.

He says another manhole further down the stretch was also overflowing.

He said: “Something needs to be done about it.

“I have lived on the marina for five years and it has been like this for as long as I can remember.

“It’s disgusting.

“In the summer people are going to be sitting outside having something to eat or drink.

“What are they going to think?”

Joe Darragh, of Mandale, which is the landlord operating the marina, said he has not received any complaints about the smell or overflowing drains.

He said: “We have recently spent £50,000 on the area and I haven’t had any complaints.

“If people do want to speak about an issue on the marina I would be more than happy to meet up.”