‘Kill her’ – witness claims overhearing teenage girls before alleged killing

Angela Wrightson
Angela Wrightson

A teenage girl who was called by one of the girls accused of murdering Angela Wrightson on the night she died heard the words “******* kill her” during the phone conversation, a court heard.

On the third day of evidence at Leeds Crown Court, a police interview with a friend of the 14-year-old was played before the jury.

The girl told police officers that she had been in touch with the younger defendant on Monday, December 8, the day Ms Wrightson is believed to have been brutally attacked.

The witness said she had met up with the girl that day and then spoke to her through Facebook messenger later on in the evening.

During a phone call, the witness said she heard the younger girl say: “(Older girl’s name) kill her, f****** kill her”.

The witness added: “I thought they were messing on.”

The witness said she had known the girl for almost a year at the time of the murder.

She said: “She would show off, saying things like ‘if she is going to be like that with me, I will kill her’.”

The witness first got a message on Facebook between 9.15pm and 9.30pm from the defendant.

“I said to her ‘why have you not been home yet?’ and she said “I don’t know”.

“I said: ‘(younger girl’s name) you said you were going to sort yourself out, why don’t you go home?’ and she said: ‘I can’t’.”

The witness also said that, during the phone call with the girl, she heard another girl’s name being spoken other than the defendants’ and a “deeper voice”, which she thought might be male.

•The trial continues