Kind-hearted youngster gets Dear Santa prize for helping others

Hartlepool Mail Dear Santa runner-up Millie Vasey (9) of King Oswy Drive Hartlepool
Hartlepool Mail Dear Santa runner-up Millie Vasey (9) of King Oswy Drive Hartlepool

A little girl who took the time to raise funds for a family in need has been recognised for her kindness with a special gift from Santa.

Kind-hearted youngster Millie Vasey is the runner up in the Mail’s Dear Santa competition thanks to her touching letter describing her fundriaing efforts.

The nine-year-old from King Oswy Drive, Hartlepool, contacted us after we appealed for youngsters to tell us why they deserved a present from Santa this Christmas.

In her letter she said: “I have been busy all year, raising money for children who have died and those needing help from the nurses to get better.

“My friend from school and his sister died in a car crash in France.

“I decided to raise some money to get his family a memorial bench and some money to help his little brother get some toys while he was in hospital.

“I started making some little bows that were blue and pink to sell in my school to make everyone happy and remember him and his little sister.”

The youngster who is living with condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), told us how despite being in hospital she continued to make the ribbons.

She then set up a stall and went around all the shops to sell the bows raising almost £2,000 for the family.

Her kind efforts saw her win a £50 Love2Shop voucher and four child passes for Mister Twisters.

Mum Donna Vasey, 29, said she was delighted Millie had won a prize and said the youngster is likely to spend it on make-up.

She said: “Her condition affects her immune system quite a lot, so she is often in and out of hospital for check ups.
“Despite this she decided to start making the bows after a little boy in school lost his life in a car accident in France.
“Everyone got caught up in and it just went from there.

“I am really proud of her.”