Lauren loses her locks - but wins Amelia’s heart

Lauren and Amelia Photo by David Wala
Lauren and Amelia Photo by David Wala

CARING Lauren Emmerson is a girl with a big heart – and it certainly was big enough to impress a pop star.

The 10-year-old from Hartlepool has come up with a plan to donate her own hair so that wigs can be made for children with cancer.

She chose the cause because she has a relative with leukaemia and mum Donna said: “It is the first time she will have done this and she is going to have her hair cut on her 11th birthday.

“She will have 11 inches cut off at 11am on her birthday on January 12.”

Her generosity was so touching, it won her a chance to meet the X Factor star Amelia Lily.

Lauren is a dedicated fan of Amelia and was stunned when her efforts to help charity got her a meeting with her idol.

She said: “My mum told me we were going shopping and then to dress a Christmas tree.

“I knew I wasn’t but I had no idea I was going to meet Amelia Lily.

“She is my favourite singer. It was really scary, but in a good way. It was just brilliant and I am so happy now.’

The afternoon tea was a relaxed affair where Lauren and her mum had a chance to sit with Amelia and ask her questions while enjoying several cupcakes.

Lauren added: “I really liked her dog. We talked about her dog Elfie a lot. She was so nice.”

Amelia is in the region as part of the build up to her forthcoming single ‘Shut Up (And Give Me Whatever You Got)’ as well as the Metro Radio Live show.

Lauren’s mum Donna said: “She is an amazing 10-year-old girl. I entered her to give her something back and to put a big smile on her face.”

Jeff Winn, managing director of Winn Solicitors, hosted the event.

Amelia said: “I am buzzing from being back in the North-East.

“I can’t believe Winn Solicitors has set all of this up for me to get some rare time with one of my fans, especially after hearing Lauren’s heart warming story.”