Learn more about ‘worker’ dogs at Summerhill dog show

Allan Innes with "Boe" a Plummer Terrier.
Allan Innes with "Boe" a Plummer Terrier.
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PEOPLE have the chance to get up close and learn more about a breed of dog at a show.

The Plummer terrier, a “worker” dog, is being shown off at an event at the Summerhill Visitor Centre, off Summerhill Lane, Hartlepool, which has been set up to help people get to know the breed better.

Alan Innes, 60, from King Oswy Drive, helped to organise the event and said people are travelling hundreds of miles to join in the fun.

He said: “We’ve gotten word of people coming up from South Yorkshire and Wales. We’re hoping for a really good turnout.

“They are very intelligent dogs, take to commands very easily and work very well.

“They have a superb nose too.”

The event includes puppy, junior as well as adult demonstrations of the breed, and classes will be staged to show how pups react around children.

There’s also the opportunity at the event to view any pups for sale and gain more information on how to look after them as pets.

This is the second year in a row that an event like this has been held in Hartlepool.

Alan added: “We go to and organise events all around the country to break it up a bit and allow as many people as possible to see them.”

The show, which has an involvement from the Plummer Terrier Association, will start at noon and will last an hour.