‘Lessons to be learned’

Chief Constable Sean Price
Chief Constable Sean Price

CHIEF Constable Price said: “Lessons can be learned from all murder inquiries, but one of the most important lessons to be learned from the tragedy of Kyle Fisher’s death is that people must be honest with the police – particularly where the welfare and safety of children are concerned.”

During her second trial, Suzanne admitted lying about who was looking after Kyle the night before he died.

On whether he should apologise, Mr Price said: “Mr Spencer has now been shown to have made 27 unsubstantiated complaints against the police, some of which were of a very personal and distasteful nature and caused a great deal of stress for the officers who were subject to the allegations.

“Ms Holdsworth has admitted she lied to police during a child murder investigation, and is on record as stating she believes it is these lies that may have led to her original conviction.

“In such circumstances I do not think an apology is appropriate.

“I realise that this inquiry will not have answered all the questions raised by Ms Holdsworth.

“I accept that this has been a stressful time for Ms Holdsworth and her partner. However I do feel that all issues in relation to the police investigation have been answered and I hope that they can both start to move on with their lives.

“The most tragic aspect of this case has been the death of a two-year-old boy, who had his whole life in front of him and we should not lose sight of this.”