Letter of the week: Councillors think Hartlepool residents have "bottomless cash pockets"

Parking charges are on the way to Seaton Carew.
Parking charges are on the way to Seaton Carew.

I write about fly-tipping and its depositors.

Who places their rubbish for others to dispose of?

It’s the innocent who bear the cost.

We have Hartlepool Borough Council, whose first thought in any crisis is to hit the pocket with surcharges to alleviate any loss of revenue to council funds.

We have just had a pocket-busting rise in council tax.

Seaton Carew has been hit with parking increases, as was the marina a year ago.

Now your old household items are under attack to raise council expenditure.

It smacks to me of another ploy to cover councillors’ last pay rise.

The workers (if they are lucky enough to be employed) have to be content with a 1% rise or plod on with no increase.

To implement a cost at the recycling depot will culminate in an increase in felonious fly-tipping throughout the town, as readers have stated in the Mail.

They have more of an angle on the situation than those in marble halls, plotting other means of extracting cash from the “bottomless cash pockets” of the townspeople.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,