Liam overwhelmed by reaction to starring role on MTV’s Ex On The Beach

TV FAME: Liam Lewis
TV FAME: Liam Lewis

A HARTLEPOOL firefighter who played a starring role in a new TV show admitted he was overwhelmed by the response he got from family and friends.

Liam Lewis was watched by more than 250,000 viewers when MTV’s new show Ex on the Beach was launched on Tuesday night.

The show centres around a group of fun-loving singletons who are sent out to Marbella to find love.

But what they don’t know is they will meet up with some familiar faces when their former partners turn up.

Liam watched the opening show with pals in Hartlepool, and while he had already been given a sneak preview of the episode at MTV’s headquarters last week he admitted he enjoyed watching the reaction of his mates.

Liam, 25, who lives in the Park Road area of town, said: “I knew what was coming as we had seen it last week, so I was watching their reaction more than anything.

“The show came across as I expected, they had 40 hours of film to chop down to one hour for each episode but I think everyone is reflected fairly.

“On the first show, I was mortal drunk and being sick, and the lads were calling me a lightweight.

“But to be fair to me, I was nervous, I was excited, I’d been in the sun all day and I’d had a lot to drink. It’s a lethal combination!

“I went on the show to have a good time, and I certainly did that. People who watch over the next few episodes can expect plenty more to come because I really start to stir things up a bit once the ex’s start arriving!”

Liam’s mobile phone went into meltdown during the show, and he was still getting plenty of messages yesterday.

He added: “It’s just gone mad to be honest, it was overwhelming.

“I was getting messages from people in New Zealand and Australia as the show has aired over there as well.

“I also had a text off my mam which said ‘like mother like son’ so I don’t think I’m in trouble!”

The show is screened every Tuesday at 10pm for the next seven weeks.