Library staff are lost for words

LITTLE Hayden Cuthbertson has reached a milestone thanks to his regular visits to the library – despite being just two-years-old.

Book-mad Hayden has been presented with a teddybear and certificate by Hartlepool’s Libraries Service after completing a book scheme.

Hayden Cuthbertson with his certificate and bear.

Hayden Cuthbertson with his certificate and bear.

Staff at Throston Library, in Glamorgan Grove, Hartlepool, have been left astonished by Hayden’s speedy progress, saying children are usually four or five before completing the milestone.

Hayden, whose proud parents are Jane Cuthbertson, 34, and Chris Williams, 32, is part of the Bookstart Bear Club, run by the town’s libraries in their under-five read and rhyme sessions.

Children are encouraged to borrow books each time they go along to the session and their record card is stamped.

Each card has six stamps and each time the card is filled children receive a certificate.

Hayden Cuthbertson with his certificate and bear and his Mum Jane.

Hayden Cuthbertson with his certificate and bear and his Mum Jane.

There are 10 different certificates to be awarded, and at the 10th certificate the child receives a Bookstart Bear.

Heather Bellwood, from Hartlepool’s Libraries Service, said: “A child has to borrow many books to receive their 10 certificates and a small percentage of children across the libraries do get all 10 certificates.

“But in Hayden’s case he has completed his book log at a very young age which demonstrates how much he enjoys coming to the library and reading books.”

Mum Jane, a former legal secretary from Easington Road, said: “He filled the logbook when he was two – it’s quite exceptional.

“Even the childminder said he is drawing things only a three or four-year-old would do, and he’s only two.

“Hopefully he will be really bright.

“He walked from being 10 months old.

“I’m really proud of him, I didn’t realise him completing the logbook was such a big deal.

“I thought it was just normal.”

Jane, who rewarded her son with a big ice cream, added that Hayden always likes to get books out, especially if they have farm animals in.

Hayden usually visits the library once a week with his grandmother, Jean Bennett.

He now has the chance to complete the Summer Reading Challenge which will involve him reading six books over the summer holidays.

He will receive a poster and scratch and sniff stickers as incentives and if he completes the challenge he will be invited to a Summer Read medal ceremony in October where he will receive another certificate and a gold medal.